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Let's get you feeling great with the food you're eating. Meet with one me 1-1 for a personalized approach to helping you feel better.

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Simplify your food with done-for-you meal plans to keep you on track to feeling better.

Self-paced courses

My signature Reversing Hashimoto's with Nutrition course is self-paced with the option for personalized group meetings.

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Hello There!
I'm Kamila Veljkovic

Discover lasting wellness by working with a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS®). As a dedicated weight loss and gut health nutritionist, I’m here to guide you on a transformative journey. 

My passion lies in helping women achieve confident, long-term weight loss, increased energy, and addressing the root cause of Hashitmoto’s disease through holistic lifestyle and dietary changes.

Having experienced the challenges of stubborn weight, chronic GI issues, and low energy myself, I understand the struggles. So if you are ready, say goodbye to fad diets, and embrace evidence-based, personalized plans that delve into the WHY behind your symptoms, ensuring a healthier, more informed journey to well-being.

If you are sick of fad diets and ready to improve your health the RIGHT way that’s evidence based or desire a deeper understanding on the WHY behind your GI symptoms, food intolerances, hormones with a personalized plan, then you are in the right place! 

How can I help ?

I want to help YOU enjoy your life again!

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Join a FREE community of 4300+ women who understand what you're going through. Ask questions, get encouragement.

1-to-1 Consultations

Personalized health and wellness plans created just for you. We'll deep dive into your health history to determine what we can do from a nutritional stand point to get you feeling your best!


My memberships take the stress out of reaching your goals. Make meal time enjoyable again!
my Courses

Reverse Hashimoto's with Me

A wide array of self paced courses to get you back on track and feeling like yourself again!

reverse Hashimoto's with nutrition

It's an all-in-one plan to kick Hashimoto's to the curb and reclaim control of your body!

10 Day Body Reset

Focus on reducing and removing inflammatory foods to help the body gently reset.

Hashimoto's Jumpstart

An in-depth overview of Hashimoto's and how you can get a Jumpstart on healing your body.

Facebook Community

Inclusive Community of over 4300+ women supporting one another on their journey to renewed health.
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